After Capitol breach, Philly terrorism expert warns of coming ‘paramilitary’ insurgency — led by Trump

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After Capitol breach, Philly terrorism expert warns of coming 'paramilitary' insurgency — led by Trump

The first step to quelling an insurrection is installing a competent government, said author and Navy veteran Malcolm Nance.
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Arkansas man who posed in Speaker Nancy Pelosi’s office among people charged in U.S. Capitol riot

An Arkansas man has been charged for allegedly breaking into the office of House Speaker Nancy Pelosi, D-Calif, and posing for a picture with her plundered mail, prosecutors announced Friday.
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Corporations recoil from eight Pa. GOP vote ‘objectors,’ suspending their money

In the aftermath of violence last week, about three dozen firms have taken steps to suspend campaign donations. An Inquirer analysis looks at the impact on the Pennsylvania congressional delegation.
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Philadelphia working with Penn microbiologists to check for coronavirus variant

Scientists in Philadelphia have started doing lab work to see whether people are getting infected by this variant. Microbiologists at the University of …
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Virginia man arrested at inauguration security checkpoint in possession of gun, 500 rounds ammo and unauthorized credential, police say