Berwick Water Damage Restoration & Removal

Water Damage Restoration Berwick

Berwick Pennsylvania was built alongside the Susquehanna River back in 1786 and has a lot of history associated with it. The original settler was a man named Evan Owen who bought his plot of land from William Penn himself!

Water Removal Berwick

They host an annual Riverfest in October which is always enjoyed by a large turnout of locals and visitors alike.

Mold Remediation Berwick

Berwick’s main claim to fame is being the home of the Wise Potato Chip Company who produce the locally iconic brand of chips in both plain and (ridiculously addictively good) BBQ!

Water Mitigation Berwick

Although (thankfully) rare, the town can be susceptible to flash flooding and related issues during extreme high rains just like many other parts of the country.

Berwick Water Damage Restoration