Fire Damage

Smoke and Fire Damage Restoration

Fires often leave behind a horrific path of destruction to homes and property. And more often than not, any possessions that don’t get completely destroyed are covered with smoke and soot. No matter what kind of residue that’s left on your personal stuff after a fire, you can trust our highly skilled experts to use the best possible techniques to make them as close to new again as possible.

We can help you handle any of the following:

Charred fire damage

Residue from wet smoke, which tends to have an extra strong smell and a sticky consistency. This type of damage tends to happen from fires that burn and smolder for long periods of time at a relatively low heat. Highly damaging and a real pain in the butt to get rid of!

Residue from dry smoke which is usually more powdery and dry and caused by fires that break out and burn aggressively at high heat.

Protein Residue which usually leaves behind a very strong stench without actually being visible to the human eye. This is the usual culprit behind discoloration problems on paints and varnished surfaces.

Fuel oil or other types of soot which is an issue specifically from furnaces or miscellaneous fire related destruction.

As well as any other fire or smoke related problems.

The deep seated effects of smoke damage can remain for months, or even indefinitely, if it’s not treated professionally.

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