Helping Your Kids Cope with a Traumatic Event

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Helping Your Kids Cope with a Traumatic Event

Living in a world where there are a number of ongoing conflicts, terror, and acts of violence close to home, it seems that children are exposed to an increasing amount of intense events. With endless news coverage, it is becoming harder to protect children from these realities. Some children may experience anxiety or behavioral problems as a result. It is important for parents to understand how to help children who are directly affected by violence and terror, as well as those indirectly affected through media exposure or through friends and family who experience violent events.Children who are particularly vulnerable to difficulties following exposure to violence are those who were stressed or anxious prior to the event, or who have alreadSee Original Article

Get Psyched Friday: Is Your Child's Temper More Than a Tantrum?

In her latest Get Psyched Friday, psychologist Eleanor Mackey, PhD, talks normal vs. abnormal tantrums. 
As a parent, I’ve had more experience than I’d like with the dreaded temper tantrums. From my 2-year-old’s meltdowns over not being able to wear a costume to school or when I forget that she likes to take off the top of the applesauce herself, to my 5-year-old becoming a weepy mess when over-tired.

Normal vs. Abnormal Tantrums

I wrote a post last year on some basics for dealing with meltdowns, but I’ve also recently had parents ask me what distinguishes a developmentally normal tantrum from something they should be concerned about and address. There is some research in this area that has identified key differences betweeSee Original Article

Cape May County Couple Found Dead In Murder-Suicide Stemming From Domestic Dispute, Sources Say

Law enforcement sources tell CBS3 it was a case of a murder-suicide, stemming from an earlier domestic dispute between the couple.
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'Jeopardy' all-star trio join forces for new game show 'The Chase'

Ken Jennings, Brad Rutter and James Holzhauer put contestants in a new kind of jeopardy in the new ABC game show, “The Chase.”

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