I tried this $12 shower curtain with 16000 reviews and bid adieu to mildew

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I tried this $12 shower curtain with 16000 reviews and bid adieu to mildew

I now have a shower curtain and a much better mold and mildew remover as an adult, but after recently moving, I knew it was time for a new shower …
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Mold found growing on leather products in Malaysian mall after two months' closure

As businesses reopen after over 50 days, some traders are saddled with extra work as spots of mold have appeared on merchandise.
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Jeremy Pope (‘Hollywood’) wants to ‘break the mold’ despite sexuality, skin color [EXCLUSIVE VIDEO INTERVIEW]

I think Archie’s mission in Hollywood initially is he wants to break the mold,” declares Jeremy Pope about his character of Archie Coleman on Netflix’s …
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Becca Cosmetics Recalling Concealers Over Mold Concerns

Makeup company Becca Cosmetics is recalling a number of concealer products because mold was found in the sponge-tip applicator of some products.
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MMT Chat: Austrian Mold Builder Talks Reusable Masks, Motivation and Digital Molds